Hi! My name is Jonathan Fisher and today was CAP day #2. In short, we finally made our construction ideas a reality at the Hope Academy school in Sor Maria. Our day started with a bright and early wake up at 6:30 with breakfast at 7. By 7:30 we had left the hostel and were on our way to the Hope Project warehouse to pick up our materials we had left the day before. We are working with the Hope Project because they have a good idea as to what the people of Sor Maria need the most, and they make it easier for us to get large amounts of work done as we have access to their warehouse, tools, and materials.

When we arrived at the Hope Academy in Sor Maria, we were greeted by a wave of smiling kids. We unloaded the materials and immediately got to work. Silvan, our in-country program coordinator lent his expert carpenter skills and helped us along in the building process. Without him, the building process would have taken much longer than it did.

We decided to build two tables, four benches, a swing set, and a tire swing. The building process was hard but rewarding. We had fun experimenting with different tools that some of us have never used before. All in all, the day was full of rewarding hard work and exciting new experiences for all and while we all had and still do have paint stuck on our hands, we had fun.

Also, shout out to Lynna for being a great pal.

Stay tuned for tomorrows finished project. (: