Hello family and friends and others. My name is Dorothy Nguyen, I go to Andrew P. Hill HS in San Jose (CA, not Costa Rica) and am today’s lider del dia! Today was fantastic and very productive. We had less setbacks and better judgement than yesterday so we were able to accomplish a lot on our second CAP day. At 7 AM Glimpsers were awoken by the call of the bird whistle of the leader del dia. Most wake up calls were given to each Glimpser personally by their bedsides (only with our girls of course), with some being more intimate inside the mosquito net (only with permission of course).


We went to La Favorita for breakfast and had a slurpy, lengthy Watermelon icebreaker before leaving to the hardware store and Las Prusias for CAP. On the bus we continued Hot Seat interrogations. We got our boards and roofing materials at the store. Even though it was hot as noodles we still were able to finish the bathroom roof, sand and paint all the boards blue, make and paint additional modified desks for extra benches, and split the old swing sets to fix the water tank. This progress would be impossible if it weren’t for the invaluable help of community members who came out to share their expertise. We had a great time with them, notably Francisco, a friendly 7-year-old boy who worked with us most of the day. We had lunch all together in a big circle of cute little kindergarten chairs. Only one more day until we finish the CAP project!


The group then left for tutoring which was particularly interesting. Justin Bieber had the power to bring classes together and some saw a cat catch a bird. For dinner we had quesillos (soft tacos with cheese, sour cream and onions) and concluded our busy day with a nightly meeting.


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