Today consisted of great accomplishment and SNACKS! Similarly to yesterday, we worked on the CAP. While everyone was working on the project, we went to the supermarket with Noelia and spent 800 Córdobas on snacks for everyone :). After we returned, we were greeted by a ton of progress made by the group. The library and the salon group sketched out two murals and started painting, and the carpentry group finished painting a table, built a bookshelf and a bench. Seeing this amount of advancement in a short amount of time gave us confidence for the final result of the project. To see how well our group worked as a whole with every job distributed equally inspired us to push through tomorrow, the last day of CAP. After working on the CAP, we went home and prepared for English tutoring, it is a challenge but we are all pushing through. We can’t wait for all of you to see the project!!!

P.S. Hey mom and dad!! We love you!!!! See you soon!

Mimi & Anna M

A flying book mural for the library

Mural #2 – A girl reading on a tree

Table completed & painted

Washing paint off our hands

Drawing butterflies everywhere

Filling in our butterflies