Today we learned how strong and bonded the community of dios dira is. CAP day 2 consisted of the hard work and completion of our delegation´s gift to the community. On Friday, we proposed our idea to renovate the basketball court, replace logs with benches, and construct a volleyball court. Yesterday, we took down the original frame for the basketball net, we painted new lines for the basketball court with the help of the youth, and a committee from our delegation constructed benches. In continuation, today we designed the benches to our best capabilities and completed the backboard. Something that stood out above all else today, was the dedication and commitment shown by the crowd that surrounded our work place. As the liders del dia we expected to confront a day full of direct instruction, but instead were faced with a full house of ambitious people eager to develop their home. A proud moment for us was realizing how united we all were and it inspired us to appreciate the little things. Being liders del dia was more challenging than expected in more ways than one. However, we used this as a learning experience. For instance, having a partner took communication and responsibility because every activity had a designated leader. Together we had to work out our roles and be aware of what we were meant to do without neglecting our participation in the community action project. In the end, our project was well executed and fullfilled. Our incentive to create a feasible, sustainable, and realistic development project for the small but united society that was gracious enough to have us.