Today we had an earlier wake up call at 6 AM, and enjoyed a simple breakfast close to home of Frosted Flakes and Watermelon. After breakfast, we loaded the bus to continue our Community Action Project (CAP) at Infancia sin Fronteras in Guadalupe. We arrived at 8:30 and Glimpsers immediately continued their work from yesterday. To be more effective, we separated into three groups based on our strengths and interests. There is a gardening group, who prepared the soil, completed two gardens, and planted trees to act as a barrier for the smoke coming from a nearby home. The next group painted a educational mural for the children that consisted of the alphabet, numbers, and illustrations to brighten the space. Our last group worked on a wall that prevents mud from entering the gutter and they also planted flowers alongside the wall to make it more visually pleasing and aid in building a healthy environment. The Glimpsers today were very motivated to complete our projects out of anxiousness to see the end result. We practically finished our projects due to our teamwork, dedication and also our encouragement we received from the children. They often help us complete our project by helping  plant flowers, move rocks and always with a smile on their faces.  

We had lunch a bit earlier today at 11 AM and we decided to contribute a portion of our lunches to the group of stray dogs that we often see while completing our CAP project. We left ahead of schedule from the project because we finished the majority of our work so, we had more free time! Some stayed behind at the hostel and rested after the hard work we did today while others went exploring and we went to our new favorite spot, Kiss Me, to get ice cream. After enjoying free time, we had dinner and some of us got Mexican food from a local Taqueria that is across from the school we tutor at.

After dinner was English tutoring which is normally our favorite part of the day. We ended our night with our nightly meeting, and reflected on our contributions to the community. To our family and friends, we all love and miss you, and can’t wait to share our experiences as new leaders!