Finally! My time to be Lider del Dia! Today was the second day of our Community Action Project at Barrilete, and we got a lot done! The tire fence is all painted–pink, yellow, blue and purple–and so is the kitchen, half blue and half yellow. Sam and Jenny used some leftover dirt to even out parts of the grounds. We also went through a big pile of books and organized them into categories, and a small group of people (Carlos, Aaron, Malia, Rolph, and a few others) built a shelf for the books to go on. That meant a lot of loud saw noises, but there was some really good music in the background, too: a good mix of reggaeton and American pop music. Everyone would dance and drink water while they took a break from their hard work. A few stray dogs and kids wandered through every now and then. My hands got covered in paint when I washed paintbrushes and the end of our time there, but I eventually got all of it off.
We left Barrilete and went back to the hostel, where most everyone showered and chilled before dinner (there was also a small ramen party in the kitchen). We went to dinner at 5, and some people took a power nap at the comedor before we headed out to English tutoring, which went really well tonight. The intermediate class really got to know their students through one-on-one conversations, and the advanced class learned some Nicaraguan slang. Back at the hostel, the nightly meeting ensued, after which much fun was had.
We’re all tired and kinda sore from all our hard work on the CAP today, so we’re all gonna have a good sleep–I hope you do too! Buenas noches!