Our delegation definitely set some big goals in regards to our Community Action Project, and today proved that we are able to deliver on these promises.

After a 7 am wake up call (way better than the 5 am one a couple days ago), we managed to get all of us glimpsers on the bus and to Casa de los Suenos to start our busy schedule bright and early. To get us energized and hyped we played a quick game of “Bird on a Perch” before divvying up the responsibilities for the day. Unlike yesterday, we had the help of our volunteer carpenter/handyman David to cut the plywood for our new lunch table and bookshelf (to protect your precious children from dangerous blades etc). With his guidance and skills plus some great team work amongst the group, we were able to bring our vision of a new, sturdy lunch table to life.

Outside, the exterior walls were taken care of by a diligent group of rotating glimpsers and volunteers painting, priming and repairing the wall with new cement. As you can see in some our pictures, many of us bravely stood on stools to ensure the wall was covered in a clean coat of paint. We successfully communicated with the heads of Casa de los Suenos to design a new color palette for these exterior walls so that the entrance to the school will always be friendly and inviting.

The heat definitely took a toll on us, but we never let it drain our enthusiasm, making sure to drink lots of water and take breaks in the shade ( maybe too many…). We also expressed our creative side by painting fun designs on our clothes and each other — hopefully they will survive the wash and we will have a long-lasting memento. Before finishing for the day, we layed out a fresh cement walkway in front of the entrance gate, which we made sure to sign with “G2C ’17”. Charlie, the school’s friendly dog and honorary mascot, also wanted his signature in the cement by walking through it multiple times as it was drying.

Covered in dirt, paint and sweat. we headed back to the hostel for a fun chunk of free time, which most of us spent at the central plaza (presumably buying gifts for you guys!). We even made it back on time after stopping for an ice cream treat we all craved from the now hostel favorite Eskimo. However. we weren’t too full to enjoy another great meal at La Favorita. Our dinner dance parties have definitely become a sort of nightly ritual, with Don Carlos (our chef) and his family playing throwbacks like “Baby” by Justin Beiber as well as new ‘classics’ like “Rolex” by Ayo and Teo. We even played and introduced a few Cumbia and Bachata classics to the rest of the delegation along with the dance moves. Brandon finally stepped out of his shell by showing off a few of his Boston moves. By the end, everyone was shaking their hips and singing along to Selena and Selena Gomez.

Coming home to the hostel (it’s definitely become our second home), we decide to get our English Tutoring prep for Monday done so that we would be able to have some extra free time tomorrow and had our nightly meeting, passing the torch and the sweaty baseball hats to the next Lider del Dia (Leader of the Day (LDD)). We are all ready and excited to finish all of our projects on our last CAP work day tomorrow.

P.S. This is Kathy and I just wanted to say hi mommy and Steph, I saw your comment! Finally! After a full week but it’s ok hah. Miss you lots and reply back if you want me to take chips and candy back from Nicaragua. I got you your souvenirs ha don’t worry 😉 LOVE YOU

P.P.S. This is Lucie and HI Dad, Bette and Mom, miss you all so much and can’t wait to tell you everything, and I mean everything. And to Joey, the comment itself wasn’t exactly embarrassing. The most embarrassing part was having my GGL Matt say “Hey Babe” in front of the whole delegation. Love you all. <3