Day 12: CAP Day 2

IMPORTANT: Remember the pick up time around 12 midnight on SFO Flight 382 COPA

Greetings and salutations family and friends!

My name is Maggie and I’ll be guiding you through the activities that our delegation experienced today. Today we started construction on the basketball court. First, the baseball players helped with taking out the weeds from the basketball court with pickaxes. After they did that we had picked up the scraps of what was left such as weeds, rocks, dirt and dust. Then we swept the area to clear the sand and dust that was left from the pickaxes. When all was cleaned up all of us took a small break to wait for the rest of the supplies to arrive. Within that small break we got juice to reenergize everyone and played a beaver game to let positive energy and motivation flow back into the group. When the supplies arrived on the site we got right back to work. We had started to place cement blocks on the width of the basketball court to prevent water damage from occurring on the court again. We learned how to mortar from scratch from the expert hand. Then we ate lunch with the community members and the expert hand. Lunch consisted of rice with chicken, salad, and avocado. Then we went straight back to work which consisted of stacking the cement blocks with the cement and mixing the cement with the sand (which consist of 5 parts sand and 2 parts cement). When we finished staking the expert hand who helped us in this project laid down a thin layer on cement to smooth out the surface of the court. When we finished we rushed over to English Tutoring. After that we ate a delicious dinner of pasta and bread. Then we had some free time write our letters of appreciation, to chill, or start packing for home. Looking forward to seeing the finish product of the court.

Thank you for reading

-Maggie Liao

P.S. I was the first leader to lead alone and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.