Today, we started off with another early morning at 6:30 AM for the group. As usual, the leaders of the day (LDD) woke up at 6:00 AM with the help of Sam. One of our LDDs, Hang, was unable to contain her excitement and nervousness, woke up at 5:55 AM :0 while our other LDD slept comfortably. For breakfast, the group ate bread and jam with papaya juice (or hot tea/water), fruits, and “pancake” scrambled eggs as per usual. After finishing our meals, we loaded the CAP materials onto the bus and headed for El Molino.

Once we had arrived, we immediately started executing our projects with the local community. One of the groups began shoveling dirt to finish cleaning up the sign before they placed fertilizer onto the area with the help from the kids of El Molino. Another group continued their work to finish painting the borders of the soccer field while the third group resumed painting the walls of community room. After hours of hard work, we were rewarded with an early lunch of a mayo-tuna sandwich, fruits, cranberry juice, and snacks.

We were excited to resume working on our projects after lunch; however, we were greeted with thunder and light sprinkles of rain. Due to the weather, we had to cut our hours early, clean up, and head back to La Primavera. Arriving at La Primavera, some of us were still filled with energy from the trip and decided to explore the city while others stayed behind to rest and catch up on sleep or clean themselves from the rain and dirt.

Once everyone regrouped from their activities, it was time for dinner and we had soup, spaghetti with a side of salad, and a glass of lemon tea. Closing the night, we had our nightly meeting where we reflected back on the day and passed the torch onto the next LDDs, Rex and Alek. This is Hang and Monica signing off! Buenas noches (: