The day started off as usual: wakeup call was at 7:20 and breakfast at Roma Santa was delicious: empanadas, fresh strawberries, and hardboiled eggs. After, we went straight to work at Love On. We hung up plants and finished painting all the rooms. In the English learning room, we sketched and began painting quotes such as “Everything that is real was once imagined,” and drew illustrations for the kids. For lunch, Isabel and her son, Nelson, delivered lunch to Love On, which included avocado and tomato salad, boiled yucca, rice, and baked chicken. After quickly finishing lunch, everyone got back to work on the house. By the end of the day, we got a lot of work done, leaving touch-ups for tomorrow. The bus picked us up at 3:30 to bring us back to the hotel so we could shower and the rest of the time was dedicated towards exploring the city. Most of us went out and shopped for more souvenirs and snacks. The weather was perfect for viewing mount Chimborazo in all its glory. Everyone met at Roma Santa at 6 to have dinner of hamburgers and french-fries with cinnamon tea. In celebration of tonight being our last dinner at the restaurant, Daniel Starr gifted Isabel a crochet beanie that he has been working on for days. Things got a bit emotional. During our nightly meeting at 7, we reviewed the question of the day, “why is cooperation important?” We came to realize that the progress we have made at Love On today would not be possible without it. Everyone had a role to contribute in the group, and we were all passionate about the cause. In conclusion, this was a very productive, hard, emotional, and fulfilling day.