Today we started off our morning by waking up at the usual 7:00. Though we did wake up the BIRTHDAY GIRL Janessa at 7:30am with a happy birthday from everyone. We then continued our morning by eating breakfast. We had tortas de jamon! After we finished breakfast, we got ready to continue our CAP project. We were there by around 9am. We got a lottttt of work done today. We worked from 9 until 12 at noon. We then had an hour long break to eat lunch. Lunch was tasty. It was rice, macaroni salad and some gooood chicken. After eating we got back to work. Half of us were alternating on mixing the concrete while the other half had a line, passing down concrete to pour on to the path. We ended up finishing the concrete part of the project. We just have the stairs left, which we’ll finish tomorrow. Everyone worked really hard. After work we got back home to freshen up and go out to the store. We cashed out on bracelets and other little souvenirs. After that, we went to the cafe up the street. We indulge in some sweeeeet desserts. After this we had DINNER. Dinner today was cheeseburgers!!! And of course after dinner we celebrated Janessa’s BIRTHDAYY! We all cut her a cake, sang to her and had a little celebration for her. After this we had nightly meeting, in which we passed the torch to tomorrow’s leaders. 


Jose: As much as i don’t want to leave, I still miss you guys and im looking forward to seeing you guys soon. Yes i did get more sunburntttt… but its okay its not as bad. I love you guys. I’ll see you soon 🙂


Lupe: I miss all of you guys a lot, wellllll not really mostly Jackie. My arms and shoulders are sore from carrying concrete and shoveling gravel, sand, and rocks. I’ll be back in two days, don’t forget to pick me up from the airport.