Buenas Dias everyone this is Bryan and Jeremy. Today was a very productive day at Martiniano Guerrero where CAP day #2 took place. Today was a very special day and let us tell you about it.

It all started at 7:30 with a wake-up call following breakfast at Roma Santa. Our favorite part of the breakfast was definitely the traditional pan con queso [traditional cheese with bread]. After that, we took the bus with Don Alonso to the school. When we got to the school we immediately went into action. Lauren, Rhea, Brianna, Jleigh, and Isaac started at the mural on the wall. It turned out beautiful with sunflowers all around the graduation cap at the center point of the mural. Imani, Madison, Shay, Jadah, and the art teacher from the school showed off their incredible artistic skills. It exceeded our expectations; they paired a very detailed black wall with an evergreen vine stretched at the top of it that intercepted the “diablo huma “ character, which is an important figure of the Inti Raymi (festival of the sun). Meanwhile, both of us alongside Damian, Paul, and Kathy used tape and strings to make the lines on the field. Despite the space we covered, we managed to get more than expected done. From the bug-like figure at the back of the yard and two murals representing positivity facing the soccer field, we ended with the tricolor Ecuadorian flag on stone stairs.

We were all a little fatigued so we took a little break. We ate some cookies with gelatin which was so tasty. Leydi brought our moods up by putting on some music of our choice, which we haven’t listened to in forever. After that, Elizbeth, Reid, and Leyla really got started on the stairs. They were very precise and efficient. Despite that, it was a massive amount of paint needed so we all hopped on. We worked together as a family and finished it together. We were all satisfied and felt accomplished.

Through this, we learned that communication is key to getting things done. When we’re all in it together, we can get anything done. We also learned work is easier when you are having fun. Being a leader is being on top of everything such as, communicating, understanding and making everyone feel included. We were originally told that we would be too “goofy” and “chill” to be good leaders, but we believe that we proved everyone wrong based on our feedback and self-reflection.


Saludos a mi familia,

Hoy fue muy divertido y un dia muy exitosos. Le estoy pasando bien con mis amigos y mis lideres. Les veo el sabado.- Bryan

Saludos to my bae, love you- Jeremy