Today we did many things. We woke up almost as early as when we went to the beach, and we had a full day of work. We became the first Delegation to finish CAP and pull off a graduation for our English classes. We became the very best like no one ever was.


In this picture, Ricky and I are leading the group Big Love that we did with the workers and Esteban, the president of the Federación, who helped us with the Greenhouse project.  Although the workers were not into it at first, by the time Esteban had spoken and thanked us all, we could see a genuine look of appreciation on their faces.


In this picture, Danielle, Jag, Anne, Marcos, and I are doing a human chain to get the fundas or pots in place. The work was hard and it didn’t help that many of our bodies still hurt from  Day 1, but I believe that at the end we all felt a sense of accomplishment that one can only get after a hard day’s work.

GGDay16Cap2-45  GGDay16Cap2-77

In the first picture, Phoebe and Genisis are painting the poles that we and the workers had put up on the first CAP day and in the second picture Miguel, Andrea, and a worker are sewing together the huge ceran so that we can put it over the Greenhouse.


Above and below, you can see us and the workers putting the ceran over the poles and tying it down.


We all had to be careful with the job, because a tear in the ceran would not be good.


Next we had to prepare for the graduation of our English students.


In this picture the Beginner 1 Group teacher (Phoebe, Diana, and Ricky) are presenting their graduation certificates to their class.


In this picture, the Beginner 2 Group teachers (Andrea and Danielle) are presenting the certificates to their students.


In this picture, the Beginner 3 and Intermediate 1 teachers (Miguel, Michael, Genisis, and Karen) are posing with their students after they were given their certificates.


In the picture shown above, the Governor of Bonao is giving a speech to the students and parents who showed up to the Graduation. The fact that the Governor showed up to our little event is beyond amazing. Politicians in the DR, much like politicians everywhere, are very busy and don’t often come to such events.

GGDay16EnglishGrad-168 GGDay16EnglishGrad-172

On the left side you can see one of our students, Anthony, getting his certificate and shaking the hand of Governor of Bonao after the student’s great inspirational speech

Now in the right picture you can see the Minister of Youth being presented a certificate, acknowledging him for his contributions to Global Glimpse.


Now almost closing with the graduation  one the MCs, Marcos gave thanks to the Defensa Civil (Civil Defense) and a firm hand shake.


This picture shows how we ended the Graduation by launching confetti into the air. Sean learned that being a leader is hard and just having power does not make you a good leader. A good leader leads people to where they want to go, a great leader leads people to where they don’t want to go but they need to go. Ricky learn that he was the opposite as his co leader but no matter how insane the schedule was he was manage to pull it off by trusting him self and Sean.

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