Hey everyone! The LDDs today were Emily and Imogen, and today is our second day working on our CAP project!

To start our day, we woke up at 6:30 and got ready before everyone else, in order to wake them up at 7. Breakfast was pancakes (Diego´s banana ones, which are so good) as well as eggs and fruit. For drinks, we had fruit punch and pineapple juice. Unfortunately, one of the drinks ended up spilling all over the table but we still powered through the day.

After breakfast, we headed over to the school where we began to work. One group was working on farming with two of our Global Glimpse Leaders, Mila and Maryanne, while the other group worked on making and laying down cement with our Program Coordinators, Memo and Fabi.

We worked from around 8:30 till lunch, (around 12) and we had the group consistently take water and sunscreen breaks. We ate lunch at the school, which we both agreed was the best school lunch we´d ever had. We had rice, beans, and salad, as well as canelones with ground beef inside.

After lunch, we took a mandatory hour break in order to recover from the hot weather we were working in. After that break, we got right back to work on the back yard, making 3 new rows of garden beds, ending off with 6 in total. One group shoveled the roots and collected the dead grass to put on top of the garden beds. They also collected rocks to frame the garden beds, separated the rocks from the soil, put charcoal on top of the soil, and lastly shoveled and put the loose dirt on the garden beds. The other group shifted the sand and made cement from that. Then, they lay the cement and then the tiles for the area where the children at the school will sit to eat.


After working from 1 to 4pm, we ended our day by cleaning our tools, tidying everything up, and making sure all of the garden beds were completed. We then went back to our accommodation to finally shower and eat dinner. For dinner, Diego made us pasta with ground beef and salad, rejuvenating our energy after a very long day. For drinks, we had fruit punch and blackberry juice

Shortly after dinner, we had our nightly meeting where we recapped the day for everyone. We also revisited our question and quote, which was ¨What have you learned from working with the community? Who´s one person you´ll miss the most?¨ and ¨Give a man a fish and you´ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you´ll feed him for a lifetime.¨ – Chinese Proverb. We received responses from the group which allowed us to understand how the trip has personally impacted them and what they have taken away from so far. We also shared our rose and thorn where we describe a nice event from our day and one that wasn´t so pleasant. Lastly, we shared our pluses and wishes for the day, where the LDDs and GG Leaders shared something they liked and thought we could improve on for today. This also assisted in summarizing the day and our feelings about it. Finally, we passed the torch onto the next day´s LDD and our CAP day 2 was completed!

Pura Vida! Love, Imogen and Emily <3