Today we woke up at 6:45am for breakfast at the usual spot at Cafe Del Tren. After breakfast we headed to Casa De La Mujer for our second CAP Day which was also our last day at Casa De La Mujer. The whole group worked hard as a team to finish up the rooms and clean up the outside area with plants and beautiful paintings. After our CAP Day 2 project was complete, we headed straight to lunch covered in paint and dust. After having a delicious meal we went straight to free time which was followed by English tutoring. Today was our last session with our students. Some of the teachers, such as Mikaela, gave gifts to the students, for example, markers and bags. After we finished our last session at English tutoring, we headed to dinner where we yet again enjoyed another delicious meal prepared to us by Isabel and her staff. During dinner some of the Glimpsers also enjoyed themselves by playing basketball and volleyball with the program coordinator, Melissa. Finally, the Glimpsers headed back to the hotel and had a debrief about the whole day and about the CAP Day project where we reflected on what we struggled with and what we thought we did a good job with.

At Casa De La Mujer, all of the Glimpsers worked together and helped one another with supporting comments and gestures to make sure that we got as much work done as possible. During the day at Casa De La Mujer, the Glimpsers worked really hard at painting some of the main rooms and creating signs out of wood. Many of the Glimpsers, especially the ones who were apart of the painting group, recognized how hard it is to paint, especially walls that were already in poor condition. Even though many people were tired and we weren’t able to paint every inch of the walls, people carried on with the project and gave it their all. At the end of the project the women at Casa De La Mujer thanked the team effort and the hard work provided by the Glimpsers. All of the Glimpsers were satisfied knowing that their hard work was recognized by the Casa De La Mujer women and that our unfinished work would be completed by the local community.