Hi guys, it’s your LDDs, Nicole, and Koto!

We woke up to an intense tropical storm, anticipating whether we would be able to start CAP Day 2. Many of us were anxious in the morning, not knowing whether we would be able to get to work or not. In the morning, we had to stay in the hostel because of the weather. We killed time by playing games, talking, and doing the fruit roll-up challenge. After lunch, we got the good news that we could head over to the community to get to work. Despite not being able to work on day 1 and having a delay on day 2, we were successful by getting a lot done.

Once we arrived at the community, we were grateful to see that the community had already begun working on the pipes. After, we split into groups to divide the workload. We had two groups- one group that focused on covering the pipes with dirt, and the other group that dug a space for the new pipes to be placed in.

We are very proud of JA1D’s hard work and determination on the CAP so far. After a hard day of work, we had a delicious meal of tostones, chicken, vegetables, and fruit.


Also to top of a successful day of work, we were offered coffee by a kind lady living in the community.

We are enjoying our last couple of days as our trip is coming to an end. That pretty much sums up our eventful day. Peace out, Nicole and Koto.