Hey friends and families!

Today we had an extremely fun and eventful day. We started our day by waking up at 7am. After breakfast, we started the preparations for our community event and the finishing touches on our beautiful mural. During the event, we played games with some pretty special kids from around the community and we taught some of the older kids important facts about sexual education and proper nutrition. Meanwhile, the mural group was hard at work finishing the final details of a stellar art project. Following clean-up for both teams and an amazing meal cooked by the lovely chefs from Conamuca, the whole group set off in our nicest attire for the exciting inauguration of our spectacular mural at the local school Dios Dira. After the inauguration, we started our last English classes of the summer. As the classes came to a close the kids ran out in excitement to play fun games such as volleyball, basketball, and a new hand game we learned called Mickey Mouse with our fellow Glimpsers. Unfortunately, we had to say good bye to our hardworking students and wonderful ambassadors who have helped us through this insane experience. Following our dinner, we ended our night with the last official nightly meeting.

Overall today we learned a lot of new things, not only about ourselves and our peers but also about the community we have lived in these past two and a half weeks. One of the things we learned, was the pride and joy these people exhibit no matter what situation they are living in. As a group, we came together and realized that communication and cooperation are key elements in a Community Action Project. Specifically for the mural group, we were surprised with the fact that people would drive by, see the mural being painted, and would take the time to stop by to check it out and compliment our team members on their inspiring artwork. In the situation of the community events group, we were surprised to find that kids were eager to come, play, and learn with all of us here at Conamuca. The thing we were most proud as a group was how we came to the realization that by working together we could make a monumental impact on a community that lacks the basic material necessities of life. The people who inspired us most were the community kids who took the time to attend not only the community event but also the painting and inauguration of the mural.

Being Los Liders Del Dia was a hectic and fulfilling experience for both of us. Even though at times we felt the stress and pressures of being in charge of such a large group, we persevered and at the end of the day we felt an insane amount of pride towards our teammates and new family members. Today we learned that we can’t always handle everything by ourselves and sometimes it’s okay to lean on someone when you have too much on your plate. We also learned that you have to push yourself to finish everything you start because the end result is always better than the steps you take to get there. We love and miss you all!

`XOXO Keya and Diana (and your loving Glimpsers)