Hello Everyone! This was the third CAP day for us Global Glimpsers, meaning we just finished our projects for the Las Prussia community school! With the help of the community we were able to replace the roof for the bathrooms, make six benches using old desks as bases, fund the purchase of a new sink, and construct a new base for the school water tank. Even though we did not get to see the water tank get done, we know it will safer to have in the school.


These past three days working with community has been a great experience because we have seen how grateful the community is to have us there, to see their country, and be able to help them improve their school for a better education. That is why, to show our appreciation and support we gave the children of the school three piñatas to enjoy right before they left to go home. They were extremely happy and were patiently waiting for us to start the game. It was fun seeing them run for the candies and sweets – they even gave some of their candies to us.

The children of the community are the biggest motivation we had for completing multiple projects in three days. We will miss them and are proudly satisfied that we were able to give them a better school environment. In ending our last day with the leaders of school and community, we took a small side trip to see a scenic overlook of the volcano lagoon. After that we said our goodbyes and headed for one of our last tutoring classes. Today was a heavy day but despite our tiredness we managed to get through and were rewarded with Nicaraguan pizza made by TELE PIZZA, La Pizza Rica de Granada. It was very delicious and we are very excited for our free day tomorrow, especially because we now only have three more days left on this trip. It is sad but we look forward to going home.