WOW we did it y’all! I am happy to announce that we have repaired the pipes with the help of the locals in our community!

This morning we woke up with beautiful blue sky. We had a short breakfast today, the usual meal-mashed potatoes with fried cheese and salami. After breakfast we got on the safari bus and went to the community.  It was amazing that the weather allowed us to get to work straight away today!

Once we arrived, we put our belongings inside the church and got straight to work. While working, we were fixing the pipe trench that we made with the pickaxes and shovels. Around 12 we ate lunch that was brought by our dear delivery guy, Wely. After lunch we went straight to work once again! THE GRIND NEVER STOPS. This time around we installed and glued the pipes together. Finally we buried the pipes and at the top of a hill we got to witness our handy work.  The locals splashed us with water and it was refreshing and a memory that will last a lifetime, to us and the locals.  Everyone felt accomplished because at the beginning of CAP Day 1 we were feeling defeated with the weather.  And then yesterday we only had half a day to work.  Seeing the final product actually impact the community was incredible.

After we got home, we had quiet time (some of us napped) and then a group of us went to our favorite ice cream spot.  We finished the night with dinner, nightly meeting and a reflection on our CAP.

This is your LDDs Helany Bravo and Jaylen Taylor!  We have one more day on our trip-we’re going to make the most of it!