Hi from Ecuador! This is Sammy and Eden, the Leaders of the Day

Thankfully today we got to sleep in due to our 8 am wake-up call. After that, we had a delicious breakfast made by our Queen Isabel. Later we embarked on our journey to Chimborazo starting with a two-hour bus ride with our first tour guide Edison joining along. Edison told us about Simón Bolívar who liberated Ecuador. Halfway through we were joined by our second tour guide, Alfredo, who taught us an Ecuadorian song called Curiquigue, which was a song for the bird of the mountain. Check out the video links from both tour guides right before the pictures. When we arrived at the base of the mountain, we took time to reflect on our CAP project with some delicious hot chocolate/tea. After that quick break and reflection, we started our climb up the mountain. This was not only fun but also very cold and breathtaking in more ways than one. On our trip, we were lucky to see lots of wildlife like the vicuña (a small type of llama, very cute) and the curiquigue (the vulture-like mountain bird). Even though it was the closest point to the sun, we all made sure to stay extra warm by bundling up in many many layers. We also made sure no sunburns and no nose bleeds occurred.

On the way back, we stopped for a very late lunch at around 5:30 pm, but it was delicious nonetheless. We then had an early nightly meeting where the next leaders of the day performed Super Bass by Nicki Minaj. Once we finish typing this we will enjoy an 8:30 pm pizza dinner delivered to us by Isabel <3.

We are so proud of everyone for hiking up and down the mountain safely, which was 4,800 meters above sea level (which is 15,478 feet!). I think all families should be proud of that. We are sad that there are only two days left on this amazing trip, but we are also excited to see everyone soon!!

Love and Miss you guys,
Sammy and Eden <3

Chimborazo Info
Curiquingue Song