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Hello friends and family! My name is Emma Goldsmith, and I was El Lider Del Dia today. Just in case you were wondering, I, unlike most of the Glimpsers here, do not go to Andrew Hill. Today was a tough day. Everyone was tired, time and money were short, and no one could find the door hinges. But don’t worry, we eventually found the hinges! We all woke up early to wrangle extra donations and it was a huge success 😊! We were able to get enough paint, brushes, and paint thinner for the preschool. One donor was kind enough to exchange our (6) extra cement bags for supplies. It was all thanks to our Spanish speakers that we able to get so many donations! Everyone worked extra hard today and put in their all. Our project made Global Glimpse history, and we will also be featured on a local news network!

I was especially inspired by the fact that we were working with the local community. Despite the language barrier, many of our glimpsers came up with creative ways to communicate. Today we made a special effort to remain positive and upbeat, but every glimpser kept a smile on their faces as paint went flying. Unfortunately, the cake we brought for the opening ceremony melted—so we ended up bringing it back to the hostel and eating it there. Today was definitely a success, we left a lasting impact on a community we had worked with before— our dollar a day families. PARENTS: Don’t forget to pick us up from SFO Sunday. Much love to you mom!

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without reason just passes the time. Reason with action can change the world.” – Joel A. Barker


Stephen: Brittany tell my parents 8:45 at SFO