Hello Global Glimpse family and friends,

Today was the second day of CAP also known as the Community Action Project and it was a truly spectacular day! The morning started off with a 6 AM wake-up call. Breakfast proceeded promptly at 7:00. For breakfast we ate the amazing gallo pinto (rice and beans), fruits, and, sunnyside up eggs accompanied by some aguas frescas (flavored as apple juice, passion fruit, and water). These amazing food and drinks were prepared by Diego and Emilia. During breakfast, we sang happy birthday to the birthday girl Audrey, and we gave her a special birthday pin! We then proceeded with our mental warmup at 7:35, in which we learned of our quote and question of the day, the quote being “Give a [person] a fish and you feed [them] for a day, teach a [person] to fish and feed [them] for a lifetime”.  The question of the day was “What have you learned from working in the community? Who is one person you will miss seeing? “.  As Glimpsers, we kept these things in mind while working in order to answer these things in a discussion at the nightly meeting. The work day was supposed to start at 8:20 but due to tico (Costa Rican) time we started at  9:10.

We decided to divide and conquer with some of the group working on finishing painting the fence, and others finishing painting the lower school building. The group working on painting the fence, worked tirelessly, being beaten down by the sun to finish the fence by today.

The second group worked from top to bottom on painting the second coat of the lower school building. Different-sized brushes were needed to cover the larger area with smaller details. Work was made harder with the lack of tape and wasp nests, but with help from local community member Don Efrain, work was able to continue on smoothly.

We broke at 11:30 for lunch which consisted of rice, chicken soup, and some delicious ensalada. After eating lunch the group used the remainder of their rest time to play varying games some of which were uno and volleyball. We resumed working at 1:00 when some of the fence group started painting other items! The work day continued until 3:00. On our way back to the base house we made a stop at a local mini market, where some purchased snacks and some preparations for the birthday girl Audrey’s surprise were bought! After some downtime, we proceeded to have dinner at 6:00, where we ate hamburgers with chips. After dinner, we had our nightly meeting where we passed the torch on to Alex and Andrea who will lead us to success for our final day of CAP.

Before the nightly meeting ended Mila and the others planted the seed for the surprise where they brought out Audrey’s cake which in turn surprised her and we sang happy birthday. We then, brought the celebration downstairs where we consumed said cake and ice cream! That marks the conclusion of CAP day two!

Signing off,

Nicole & Tern!