Hi families, our names are Otto and Citlali and we were the leaders for the first day of the community action project (CAP). We started off the day by waking up everyone at 7:30 am for an early breakfast before setting off to go to the CAP site. We worked from 9:00 am to noon and managed to finish a good portion of the first stage of the project in just a few hours.

Though our spirits were dampened by a colony of ants on site, we were rewarded with macaroni, chicken, and rice for lunch. Soon after, we went back to work digging a space for the aqueduct pipe to run through. Wielding pickaxes and shovels, we managed to almost entirely dig out the required area by 3:00 p.m., save for a small strip of weeds that the locals offered to complete.

Tired but satisfied by the job completed, our group headed back to Villa Anacaona with our spirits high. Over the next few hours, we rested by playing board games and sharing snacks until it was time to write letters of appreciation to the supporters of Global Glimpse. It was great to hear everyone’s thoughts on the program and how it had affected each person in a positive way.

Finally, we had dinner at 7:30, burgers and fries, before passing the torch to our leaders for the next day. Though the Villa lost power for about an hour afterward, tomorrow’s leaders, Kristen and Anamaria are eager to continue the CAP for the betterment of the community.