Hi, my name is Matt Bercow and I will be a senior at Summit Prep High School in the fall. Today was a very important day during our stay in Nicaragua because we started executing our Community Action Project at Los Niñ@s del Fortin. Some of us started the day off waking up at 5:45 in the morning to get an early start the the day. The rest of the group got a later wake-up call at 6:30 in the morning. After breakfast we loaded the bus up with all of our CAP materials and went to the school and quickly got started on our various projects.

Sarah, Tyrone, Aditya, Kelly, and Tim cleaned out the infested kitchen, applied primer to the walls, and then started to paint the walls yellow for the rest of the day. Jackie, KK, Cesar, Mo, Eli, and Andy started on the classroom by also applying primer, painting blue, and going over the already painted alphabet. Kian, Daniel, Danielle, Aaron, Ahtziri, Aranta, Andrea, Casper, and myself cleaned out the garden, leveled the ground, and made a compost bin, and four garden beds. We spent nine hours today at Los Niñ@s del Fortin, it was a challenge but our group was persistent and we got a lot done today. I’m really proud of all of the groups today for the teamwork and dedication that was shown today because even though they were all tired, they kept working all day and had positive attitudes about it

At 5:00 in the afternoon, we wrapped up our day’s work at Los Niñ@s del Fortin and went back to the hostel where we had a well-deserved dinner. After that we had our nightly meeting and now we are all playing cards and waiting for pizza to arrive.

At the beginning of I was pretty nervous about whether our group would be able to get the whole project done because our plans were really ambitious, but I didn’t account for how much dedication and hard work everyone in our group has. When we left the school today I was confident that no matter what, everyone will do whatever they can to make the best product possible tomorrow during the last day of CAP execution.

Buenos noches,
Matt Bercow