Hello Global Glimpse families,

Today was an exciting day! We were able to start on our community action project, otherwise known as (CAP). We woke up at 6 o clock. We got ready and packed our bags in preparation for the day, and then headed over for a delicious breakfast prepared by our amazing chefs Diego and Emilia, which consisted of eggs, french toast as well and fruits. We then headed down to the school, where we started off the day by playing with the kids. and played sports such as volleyball and soccer. Some of us also sat with the kids and made conversation. They were super energetic and loud. It made our day and gave us more motivation to work even harder on school. The group was excited to get to work.

We started a bit late because the materials were not ready but once we started, the group was divided into five. Some were using sandpaper to prep the walls and clean them of any debris or old paint. Others began the work of the previous three deligations like the fence which we covered with a mix of metallic paint and paint thinner. One group which consisted of Andrea, Mercedes, Kyle as well and Sabrina worked in the blazing hot sun without any shade and made amazing progress covering the fence with metallic paint.

We then took a well-deserved lunch break where we ate school lunch which consisted of rice and garbanzo beans soup with a side of pineapples.  After we finished lunch many of the students were so determined they actually began to start working before the break, grabbing brushes and buckets of paint and jumping right back to repairing the fence.

After that the group that had done the hard work of sanding the walls they then began to fill up buckets of paint with an amazing tone of lovely minty green to paint the walls. We were able to finish a quarter of the walls we had left. We began cleaning and getting ready to head home on the way we stopped for a quick snack from the local market, and then we walked home.

Where we then had downtime until dinner and ate rice and salad with lentil soup. After we had our usual nightly meeting. We recapped the day, discussing the quote and question of the day. The torch was passed down to Nicole and Tern who will lead us tomorrow. Now we rest for another fulfilling day of helping Santa Rosa’s community.

Signing off,

Jose, Eddy, and Omar