Hello everyone! It’s Amanda from Summit Rainier in East San Jose and Allegra from Davis High in Davis. We were Las Lideres del Dia for Day 1 of the CAP Project! The CAP Project stands for Community Action Project, which gives our delegation an opportunity to give back to Maguana al Medio, a community here in the DR. After talking with members of this community, our delegation chose to provide some much-needed trashcans (known as tanques here in the DR), paint murals and designs on the walls of their school, and repair a volleyball net and basketball hoop.


After splitting up into different groups, we each focused on a specific aspect of our project. The tanques were this community’s largest necessity that was feasible for our group. The lack of trashcans in Maguana al Medio led to constant diseases and sickness since it was often left flushed into the streets and the residents houses. Each Glimpser contributed to the cost of the tanques and we were able to provide 10 more for this community. We were also able to decorate the tanques with positive quotes and handprints of the children, adults, and Glimpsers of Maguana al Medio. We are proud to announce that we were able to complete the entire tanque portion of the projects thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm and hard work!


David and James worked on pouring in new cement to fill the holes of where the volleyball poles were so we could strengthen the poles. As the cement was poured, the volleyball net was given new rope so it could be hung properly. Tomorrow they are looking forward to fixing up the basketball hoop!


The last part of our project were the murals. Grass, flowers, and butterflies were painted along the hallways of the school in Maguana al Medio as well as a mural at the entrance of historic and symbolic figure, Caunabo. We are in the process of completing the Caunabo mural and nearly finished with the hallways. Nearly the whole group was painting today and we got farther than we expected. The music and much appreciated breeze defiantly helped!



As La Lider del Dia, it was fun contributing to this project since I was able to witness the hard work and enthusiasm of my peers and got to know the beautiful people of Maguana al Medio. It was an early morning and a great day filled with loud music, lots of sweat, and my wonderful Global Glimpse family. I am so proud of everything we accomplished today and cannot wait for tomorrow! By the way, I’d like to send lots of love to my family and friends back home. I am constantly thinking about you and cannot wait to catch you up on my great experience in the Dominican Republic. See you soon everybody!



I had a lot of fun today as La Lider del Dia and working on the CAP project for the first time. I was really impressed with everything we got done today and it was yet another day full of music and laughter and hanging out with the people of Maguana al Medio and my GG fam. To all of my family and friends at home, I end my love and can’t wait to see you soon! Special thanks to MY PERSON and Tito I love you both and miss you lots.


And now, we hope you enjoy pictures of the English classes! (almost all are represented except James’ class, Amanda + Robert’s class – who were all too busy teaching to have me take a picture 🙁 but there are others of those three included below from CAP day!)


Robert Working on his painting skillz.

Robert Working on his painting skillz.

James Pouring cement for the sports area with David and ambassadors

James Pouring cement for the sports area with David and ambassadors

Amanda Beautifying Maguana al Medio

Amanda Beautifying Maguana al Medio



Shuying and Kyla's English Class

Shuying and Kyla’s English Class

Jarely and Zara's English Class

Jarely and Zara’s English Class

Sloane and Jessica's English Class

Sloane and Jessica’s English Class

Alex and Robyn's English Class

Alex and Robyn’s English Class

Noemi's English Class

Noemi’s English Class

Allegra and Ari's English Class

Allegra and Ari’s English Class

Marisa's English Class

Marisa’s English Class

Sayda's English Class

Sayda’s English Class

Fernando's English Class

Fernando’s English Class

Judit's English Class

Judit’s English Class

David and Summer's English Class

David and Summer’s English Class

We are excited to see you all but will definitely miss this country. And this cow.

We are excited to see you all but will definitely miss this country. And this cow.