Today was very good overall, everyone woke up on time at 7am and made it to breakfast even though I made them mad with waking them up very aggressively because I wanted to manage time today since it was going to be very intense because we were starting our first day of helping out the Women’s Association with their community center. We broke up into 5 groups, a wood group, paint group, open spaces group, and a group that handled the doors and locks. Everyone at first wanted to do painting which was a little frustrating at first but we figured out a plan to get everyone a job. We worked efficiently and the wood group ended up finishing the bookshelf and the wooden benches that they preferred for us to make and the paint group got a majority of the painting done on the outside but still have to finish the last touch ups.

We had about 40 people altogether helping out to make this organization look perfect. Today has been very impactful and I can see that they loved our presence and for also being productive while we were there. It was very exciting seeing everyone come out from Suarez and were willing to help out. Some people didn’t know where to go because the skilled workers felt that they can do it faster which was true because some people weren’t experienced as them but they gave us a chance and they were actually impressed. Hopefully tomorrow we can finish a little bit quicker so that we can have a celebration party that we previously planned. We had lunch at the center which was absolutely delicious. We had rice, beans, and chicken with cucumbers and tomatoes and this is actually the DR’s main dish. After that, we came back to the accommodation to get dress so that we can walk to Liceo for the English tutoring prep.

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Adonte Hines