Saludos families, today CAP Delivery #2, was a very hectic day but we still managed to persevere and be flexible. Today we had an early day, we had breakfast at 8 o’clock, then we went to el Barrio De Las Flores to start on our CAP project. Our decisions were to make a mural around the logo of Magic FC, create goals for younger students and advertisement so that the Fùtbol Club can grow throughout the community. At three in the afternoon, we headed back to the Hotel Vista Del Valle and cleaned up all the paint residue from today. Then we walked to our last English Tutoring class, we said our goodbye’s and had a talent show. At the end it was hard to say goodbye to our students and hand them over to a new delegation.


Hola familias! As you know, today we had a packed day, and to be Lider Del Dia on the 13th day was a big shoe to fill, considering I had so many great Lider’s to look up to. Today we headed off to El Barrio De Las Flores and we created and designed a mural for our partner organization, Magic FC. I was in the advertisement group and we actually finished our project within two hours, so we all had the pleasure to help out with the different groups. Today was a day full of running around, going from group to group checking up and making sure they were drinking water, applying sunscreen and making smart choices. All in all, I had a pleasure of being a true mom today. As we progressed through our project, seeing all the little kids eager to help out with the mural was truly gratifying. Knowing that this community wants to see progression and improvement also makes me want to help out within my own community. The thing about our project is, is that its not only a mural, its a community development. One little mural can make such a difference within the people and atmosphere. After all of our hard work we came back to our hotel and got ready for our last English Tutoring class :(. Doing these classes with these kids and being able to enlighten young adults with the power of knowledge was truly a grounding point in my life. Throughout this trip I’ve met so many different people and I’ve gotten attached to so many and its going to be hard to leave this trip and possibly never speak to them again. This trip has impacted me from all angles, teaching me new things that I never thought I’d be learning as a Glimpser. As the countdown still lasts, we have three days left and I’ve already gotten so used to the city of Constanza, its going to be hard to depart. Everything about this town is so nice and adorable.  But one day, I’ll come back and make a change. Buenas Noches a todos!


Que lo que familias? (What is up families). Today I was able to be Leader Del Dia with my partner Maryfrances, overall we had good dynamic working with each other and it was a very significant day for me. Before coming to this trip I was indecisive whether to become a paramedic or become some sort of teacher. But now looking  back on our English Tutoring classes, I have seen that I have grown as a person and have stepped out of my comfort zone many times. I finally came to conclusion that I do want to become a teacher because at the end I felt good knowing that we taught students something new and let them grow as well. Being the leader of the day gave me this feeling of motivation and encourage that I will never feel whenever I will be in charge or taking care of something valuable. What I mean about something valuable is that, this delegation has made me feel comfortable to express my own ideas, to act normal for once whenever I am with new people and feel welcome. This program has taught me how to grow mentally and emotionally because I see from previous Leaders Del Dia what they have been doing good and what they have not been doing. Not only do I learn from them, I also learn how to become a leader but in my own way, knowing what are my strengths and applying it to the group and knowing my weaknesses and a also applying it to the group but working more in that specific area. A leadership role for me is really important because what I learned from this day is that we can not really rely on anyone to do a job, we have to rely on ourselves and have that motivation and energy that we can do it and every little mistake everyone including you learns from it. Buenas Noches families los demos pronto!