Hey readers! This is Shea and Mikaela writing. Today we were the selected leaders of the day. Our delegation transported to Boca de Ningua to fulfill our CAP Project ideas. Our CAP project ideas were to install a bathroom, paint the inner and outside of the community center, a recreation playground made out of tires, plant trees around the community center, and pick up a ton of trash. We arrived to the community around 10 AM and got straight to work. At first, it was very slow due to the lack of skills and materials in certain projects. After we all got our materials, we all made ourselves busy and lend our hands to other projects. By 12:30 pm, a majority of us took a lunch break. Lunch consisted of pasta, fruit juice boxes, and yummy bread. As leaders, we had to constantly remind all of our peers to drink lots of water because today was not only a hot day, but also a tiring day. At around 5 pm, we all started to clean up and we all noticed that we made a big progress. The painting was almost done, the recreation group had finished installing their tire pyramid and the tire obstacle course, the trash was almost all picked up, plants and trees were planted, and the bathrooms need to have a little more tending to tomorrow. Overall it was a pretty successful and tiring day. We all had so much fun working with the local community members and their children. Without their help and multiple skills, we couldn’t have gotten as far as we did on any of the projects today.

Some funny stories that happened today were when Micaiah painted Vivian’s hair by accident. At the end of the day, Vivian was not the only one with paint on herself. Almost everyone had paint on either their faces, hands, or arms. Another great story was when the tire obstacle course was finished, many of the children started showing off their athletic skills including one of our own, Shariff. Tomorrow we complete part 2 of our CAP Project and we are all very excited. We both feel like the end product will be spectacular.

That being said, being leaders of the day has been an honor and a challenge. We both got through it successfully with a lot of smiles. We want to say hello and I love you to our wonderful families, friends, and loved ones. We miss you all and we will see you very soon. Keep on reading!