Hey Guys,

This is Lawrence Perdomo and Stephanie Garcia. Today was an exciting and tiring day; however, we were able to do what we had to do to be successful in our very first CAP (Community Action Project) Day. We started off with a 6:00 AM wake up call and had to be ready by 6:30 but, that was only the beginning of a long and adventurious day. We went to a community high in the mountains to start our CAP. We divided into three teams; Park, Trash and Stories.


Park: This team spent the whole day digging and and expanding the play area. This team plans to add a set of swings and monkey bars to the only swing set that currently stands. Their goals are also to make a successful and safe playground that can be untilized by the community.


Trash: This team was trying to improve the community’s garbage problem. They started building a compost bin to burn all of the left over scraps. They also re-painted the community’s waste management system and built a new one.


Stories: This team spent their day interviewing four of the locals that have had an impact on the community. Those interviews are later going to be turn into stories for a book that the locals can read and that represents their background.

This was an amazing day and we hope to have more days like this.


Lawrence and Stephanie


“Shoutout to my mom, my dad, and Jade, I love and miss you guys.” – Tyreik

“Shouout to my mom, my dad, Jovani, Danny and Cindy. I miss you and I’ll see you soon.” – Aldair

“Shoutout to my mommy and my dad. I love and miss you guys dearly.” – Habeeb

“Shoutout to my whole family. Love you and talk to you on Friday.” – Randy

“Shoutout to my mom, I’ll be strong, I won’t cry and I’m having tons of fun. Love you!” – Daniel

“Shoutout to my mother and Erblina. I love and miss you both.”- Lisa

“Shoutout to my parents, my grandma and my brothers! I love and miss you.”- Stephanie




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