Today the Bonao delegation began the first day of our CAP project! The goal of the project is to build a compost station for the federation, and we began by doing two things. The stronger members of the group carried large bamboo stalks to the build site to use them for key support pieces in the station. The other members of the group shoveled the pile of compost that was placed where the building would be. Once the bamboo was moved, students began working on a support system for compost troughs made of PVC piping. The troughs were then made out of paint tanks, which were sawed in half by workers from the federation and cleaned by students. Everyone managed to work hard, and despite some sour faces now and then, the group managed to keep good moral throughout our labor. As leader, I managed to keep everyone on task and on time (thank god for on time)! During our work time, we saw both gigantic spiders and a farm of adorable bunnies in the same place! Our leader, of course, was Esteban Polanco, who is in charge of the federation. Not only did he know the ins and outs of the project, but he probably worked harder at getting it done than everyone else. The man talks to each student like they are the only person in the room, and in everything he does he takes great care and executes the task with passion. Despite his living in a foreign country, I believe that he should serve as an example to all American people. We came back from our first day of CAP work tired and smelly. After a bit of much-needed rest, we prepared for and taught our last English lessons. It is moments like these that make the group realize how close we are to getting on an airplane that will take us to the San Francisco Airport, with parents waiting to welcome us home. Although the people we meet and the places we see will be terribly missed, we will always have our memories of this journey branded into our brains. Not to mention that there is no place like home.