Today was the first day of our CAP project! Our focus for the project is to install a pipeline which will bring clean water to service the community of La Ceniza de Hatillo. Since it was the start of the project, our focus was more on the demanding side, as we dug the trenches to place the pipes.

To put it into perspective, imagine you are in the hot sun in the humidity under limited shade, with blisters and calluses surfacing on the palms of your hand. You are tired but you keep going as you swing the pickax hitting yet another rock. Whelp, that was tough. T-T

However, we persevered!

On another note, we were able to gain the experience that comes with manual work. We gained empathy towards the local workers whose working conditions are less forgiving in the heat.

Everyone contributed an essential amount of dedication to the cause. In particular, Nicolas, who was visiting family in the community, took time out of his day to support us. He worked alongside us, fixed barbed wires on a fence, and even gave us some Brazilian fruits. We think this goes to show the importance of the project to the individuals in the community.

As leaders, we had to learn how to keep everyone in check while also being mindful of their needs amidst the weather conditions. As a group of three, our efforts were positively recognized, especially as it was our first day of the CAP project.

Thank you for reading! :0

Personal Notes:

Shout out to the fam and the homies, I miss y’all. I want pupusas when I get back >:) – Dom

Hi, I am alive and living 0_0. See you soon!- Anna

Sup Moms and Pops. I’m doing well. Y’all better not be eating any good food, or else -Ti