Hey everyone! It’s Yazmin and Alan and today we are going to recap our CAP (Community Action Project) delivery on Day 2. We started our morning with a delicious breakfast (oatmeal)! Then, we continued our day by going back to the Cecaini school in Rio Grande.

Today for the CAP project, our two teams, the mural team and the greenhouse team were hard at work completing our CAP as much as possible. The mural team started the painting process after finishing the sketches from the previous day. Even though there were some slight difficulties with the painter, we were still able to get much of the painting done and most of our walls are completed. Everyone was able to contribute to painting the mural in some manner. Luckily for the greenhouse team, our contractor was there to lead us through the process of building the greenhouse and teach us how to properly use tools such as hammers and a saw. Everyone at the greenhouse had some sort of task to complete including nailing, sawing, carrying wood, and cleaning the debris from the greenhouse. While everyone was working very hard, there were some people who stood out the most. We want to shout out: Anahi, Elena, Sarah, and Ethan for their hard work and dedication.



After finishing our tasks for the day, we gathered everybody and admired the work we all did. After getting back to the hotel, everyone took their sweet time to freshen up and relax. After some time relaxing, we gathered for some FIRE DINNER! After the dinner, we all got together to talk about how our day went and answer the essential questions which were: How does it feel helping others? and can one person make a difference? After everyone insightful thoughts, we welcomed our new leaders of the day who were Nick and Alex P. As usual Alex P shocked us all when he taught us some of the New York City slang, which was CRAZZYYY but in fact HILARIOUS.


Yazmin says “Hi Matha, you probably won’t see this lol, (I am crying inside) I miss you! I love you!

Alan says “Assalam Aleykum, ya skuchayu po tebe” te amo Alan.