Hello, this is Jamarc and Alice speaking for today’s Community Action Project (CAP). We arrived in La Goyena to start the full day session of the CAP. At the beginning, the process was slow and a little bit unorganized, but throughout today we were able to pull a few community members, and we were able to finish the white painting of the outside and inside of the school.









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ALICE: The morning started off very early. I had to wake up at 6:15 am, which I really disliked. Half an hour later, Jamarc and I woke up everyone, then we went to have breakfast and loaded on the bus. I was still very tired and decided to fall asleep on the bus. When we arrived half an hour later we slowly started to assign jobs to our GG (Global Glimpse) students. At first, I felt like a dictator bossing everyone around, but that’s the only way to get a job done. We instituted water breaks and health checks because we both had forgotten a medical kit (oops). Don’t worry, there was another one with us. We worked until we ate gallo pinto for lunch, yet again. After an hour break, everyone including I were quite tired and felt lazy.

JAMARC: Everyone was feeling very lethalgic after consuming their lunch. However, we were able to continue to work on painting the school. At this time, members of the community, mainly women and children, came over to the school to help paint the school. The Global Glimpsers were constantly coating the walls with paint and supporting each other to finish the day strong. After the work day was over, we returned back to Leon to eat fried rice and sausage for dinner. To finish off the day, we are going to a local disco club.