Hey it’s Jalisa and Jennifer with an update of our Community Action Project (CAP) Day #2.

Our painting group was able to finish their mural for Villa La Cruz.


Our gardening group was able to put up the fence post and over turn the soil in order to plant seeds for tomorrow.


Our construction group was able to put two additional posts in the ground for structure. We dug a ditch outlining the stucture so that we could level the dirt floor. Unfortunately, the dirt at the school was extremly hard and rocky, so a few of us stayed behind an extra hour to finish as much of the cementing as we could. Also, the painting group stayed behind to finish painting their futbol(soccer) field onto the playground.

IMG_4739 IMG_4743


Today we learned that sometimes our goals are not always reachable within the time that we want. We had set our goals for the day but we could not accomplish them.We were surprised to see how many Glimpsers stayed behind to help finish up. We’re proud to see that they were willing to work harder than what was required, even when they were given the option to go home and have free time. There were some students that stayed after school to help paint the field.


Being the leaders of the day was challenging because we wanted to push everyone to finish their goals but at the same time we didn’t want anyone to over exert themselves. All the help we received today from everyone was greatly appreciated.