image image image image imageWhat’s up people, Hope your day went as amazing as ours went in Riobamba. Today was our second day working on our community action project at Instituto de Educacion Especial Carlos Garbay. Our CAP project consisted of building cages for the Cuy (guinea pig) and extremely fluffy bunnies, we also painted a breathtaking mural of a giant Cuy, massive tomato, and a family tree that consisted of  handprints of Global Glimpse and Carlos Garbay students. Today we worked very well together, dividing and conquering at the beginning of the day, putting half of the team on painting murals and the other half on building structures for the farm. We faced several challenges today like communication between groups, teaching people who are not as experienced with tools, and working towards a common goal;But eventually we overcame these obstacles with the hard work and commitment that everyone put into the project =) (Remember to smile). While completing our project we received a tremendous amount of help and moral support from our superhuman bus driver Juanito. He not only helped us get started yesterday by assisting in the building of structures but he helped us constantly get more materials when needed, he also gave us many pro tips on things we needed to do in order to get the final outcome that we dreamt of. With the rest of the cash money $$$ that we had, we bought tiles for the tomato processing room that very badly needed a new and improved floor.  Upon completing our CAP project we proudly and fearlessly presented our work to Maria the Director of Instituto de Educacion Especial Carlos Garbay, to gladly find out that she was extremely happy with what we had completed. After getting back from completing the CAP project we had a short debrief and then Beat feet to a mouth watering succulent dinner at the amazing Isabel’s Roma Santa. Where we experienced a delicious bowl of chicken and potato soup with a taste of Ecuadorian BBQ!!! Now I am writing this blog =) for the fans.

Hi to all of my family that is reading this, I don’t really feel like typing all of your names out cause of the paper above that I had to write, but you know who your are, I love you guys and can’t wait to see you. I bought like 20 scarfs not even kidding so you will have options when choosing your gifts. ——————$eba$tian———–McAli$ter————–Stay positive and you will be happy.

Hello to all my family, miss you guys. Love you and see you in two days. -Kijai