Today, Eleanor and I volunteered to be replacement leaders because today’s original leaders were feeling under the weather.  It was sad to be without two of my best friends today but luckily, they are feeling better now.

We spent the majority of the day at La Garnacha to finish our projects, and all three of them were completed and look great!  The backstop project was already done, so today we finished the varnishing on the church’s doors and benches and created a beautiful mural on the back wall of the school.  I was excited about the mural, but I definitely didn’t think the mural could be started and completed in one day.  I was so proved wrong and I was so proud of how hard we worked and that I was proved wrong.

Even though it wasn’t for a great reason, it was really nice to get a second chance to be leader of the day and use the advice I got the time before.  I wasn’t at my best when I led last week and getting this opportunity made me feel a lot better about my leadership.

During our reflection tonight, we discussed the projects and agreed that we all learned the importance of doing service that is what the receiving people want, and isn’t just what we think they want or what would be most fun to do.

Can’t wait to go to the club tomorrow night!