Our day started bright and early with our gentle wake-up calls. Before breakfast, we reminded everyone of the question and quote of the day. “What will you take away from the Community Action Project and how will you apply that to your own life?” and “If you want to change the world, be the change.” -Mahatma Gandhi. After breakfast, we took the quick bus ride to Barrio Las Flores to finalize the bridge and clean the area. First, we cleared the area of trash and cut grass. Then the rest of the concrete was used to create stone steps and polish off the stairs. Once we had the area cleaned up, we re-graded the hill with excess dirt from the excavation.

Before the grand reveal, we went into the community to clear trash off the streets, even though it was only enough to make a dent. We gathered members of the community to witness the ribbon cutting. As leaders, we made the speech of appreciation towards the community and everyone who helped throughout the process. The depth of their gratitude to us was moving, and everyone was saddened by the thought of leaving. Special thanks to Amauris and the builders who did an extraordinary job organizing, planning, and construction.

Back at the hotel, we had a delectable lunch which consisted of arroz con maiz, chuletas, y ensalada verde. Since we finished the bridge earlier than expected, the afternoon was mostly free time. We decided to use some of the time to explore local shops for souvenirs. The memories we made on the trip were worth symbolizing. Later in the afternoon, we reflected on the CAP experience and what it meant to us.

It is important to analyze our strengths and shortcomings as a group. Additionally, we wanted to thank our supporters by writing letters sharing the impact of this experience on a personal level. We gobbled on dinner which was spectacular. During the nightly meeting we passed the torch to the next leaders of the day which are Liza and Mackenzie.

When talking to the community today it felt great to see all of them smiling and thanking us for the bridge. Even the small children recognized the necessity of this project in the community. We are proud of all the good work our trip and the community were able to accomplish to improve the lives of many living in Barrio Las Flores and the adjacent neighborhood.

Big Love,
Griffin & Denilson

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