Harro bloggers. Today was the final day of the CAP and as leaders, we felt so happy to say that we all stuck together as a team and finished renovating the library.

We started like always. We woke up at 5:45. Like usual, we went to breakfast and then as energizer we decided to play Mafia. It was really fun, and did get everyone energized. After breakfast we took a public bus to La Amistad. We divided into teams and helped each other. Maria and Scarleth brought us snacks in between and when some people were painting. It was really fun painting the mural and when we finished it, the image came out popping. We beleive it will attract more people to come to La Amistad’s new library. Then we had lunch and everyone tried to eat as fast as possible so they could get back to work.

There were obstacles after lunch, like electricity went off due to a heavy rain storm. The rain stopped us from painting their logo on a wall facing the street. But even though there were obstacles, no one stopped working and no one complained. We finished working on the library at 3pm. Also, after our Global Glimpse Coordinators, Maria and Scarleth, bought us some ice cream and that made everyone happy. The day ended with all Glimpsers receiving certificates from La Amistad.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good Night,

Nachiket and Carlos