Today was the third and final day of our CAP (community action project). Even though it was our last day, we still had a large amount of work to get done. To be honest, both of us were really scared that we would not successfully finish. We still had to start the mural, paint both the inside and outside of the school, and continue cleaning inside all of the classrooms. With all of the work on our shoulders (including a time crunch) we managed to complete our task.

Tianna: As expected from the previous CAP days I thought today was going to be pretty stressful and hard to cope with the time given but it was actually empowering to see all the teamwork everyone started to show when we all knew that we had to complete this project for a community that was in need. Today we had to split into groups to finish painting the rest of the school and to start and complete the mural of the lion that represented leon, Nicaragua. I honestly thought today we were not going to finnish our project since we had so much more to do and we only had today to finnish and present our CAP to Don Fabio and the rest of the community. Being leader of the day gave off mixed feelings because I knew what I had to do and hot too execute it but just the thought of it going smoothly and on track was a big deal especially having to consider taking almost full responsibility of 22 people and all their needs. Today was definitely a bittersweet moment because we had been working with the community of La Goyena to tackle what at first we had no real clear idea of what main project we were going to focus on, but in the end of showing the community our final product they were beyond happy about it that no words could describe how they felt because they were given a freshly painted school, a beyond amazing mural and some new school supplies that the kids and teachers really wanted to better the school environment. Also today really showed me how I can stand up to help others and really show who I am as a leader to help out and give a hand to others when in need of help.

Kathryn: Going into the third day of our CAP (community action project) I honestly had no idea what to expect. From the previous 2 CAP days, I felt like it was a struggle to work efficiently because we had a lack of products such as garbage bags, enough paint brushes, and lots of cleaning supplies. However, the entire global glimpse group and I went to the supermarket before the third day and we bought enough products to complete our job. As our third day finally came, I knew that there was no other aim for the day but ┬áto finish our CAP project. Right when we arrived at La Goyena, the repeating thought in my head was “We have to finish! We have to finish!” Being the leader (with Tianna) we made sure everyone was on task and knew we had a job to fulfill. As I worked and facilitated throughout the day, I was really surprised of how well and how quickly everything went. I believe that this day went more smoothly because we were definitely a lot more prepared with all of our supplies. I was really proud of all of us because we ended up with a beautiful mural of a Lion and nicely painted walls of blue and white both inside and outside of the school. I was even surprised that the designated “mural group” allowed me to mix paint and help out with filling out colors because I am artistically challenged. However, I must say I think I did a pretty good job considering that painting within the lines is not my specialty. When Tianna and I were finally able to present our finished product of our La Goyena CAP project to Don Fabio and Sonya, it was really emotional because we saw that they were so thankful and relieved for all of us to complete our project. They said they were speechless and to make someone feel this way is definitely new and life changing because to know that you made such a strong impact in one’s life is amazing. Overall, being El Lider Del Dia was a fun and exciting experience because being in control is exciting. I was really proud of our end result and I know that each and every single one of us is satisfied of our job. IMG_1195 IMG_1196 IMG_1199 IMG_1200 IMG_1213 IMG_1219 IMG_1220 IMG_1201This CAP project allowed us to get closer and leave a positive impact in Leon.