¿Que tal familias? We are finally done with our CAP project!!!

As usual, we woke up at 7 A.M. and had pancakes and fried salami for our breakfast (our favorites). Today, we had to wake everyone up but we struggled to find some peoples’ windows, but luckily their housemates were able to wake the others up in time.

Today, we were on time to el guagua (the bus). During our trip to the work site, we had a long trip. The road was very bumpy. Although we arrived a little late, we were able to get the job done early. Originally, we were supposed to finish at 3:45 P.M. but we finished around 12 P.M. We had lunch late and it was delivered by a new guy named Franklin (we miss WELLING :(!!!). We gave big love to Mr. Valdez and the community. SHOUTOUT TO JOHNNY FOR BEING THERE AT EVERY WORK SITE AND HELPING US OUT A LOT. We came back home early and had an hour of quiet time. After quiet time, people used their three-hour free time to pack their suitcases, hang out in the pool, play cards, and socialize.

For dinner, Franklin brought us fried ham, steamed vegetables, fried plantains, watermelon and la piña (pineapple). We had another hour of free time which people used to take naps and socialize. Then, we had our nightly meeting. Después (after) the nightly meeting, many of us spent more time together because we will be departing soon and our bedtime was moved to 11 P.M.

Tomorrow, we will be having three hours to explore Jarabacoa and pick up souvenirs. Hopefully, everyone makes it back in time for curfew (5:45 PM) so we get on el guagua (the bus) in order to transport to a special place for cena (dinner).

As the hours tick by, we are dreading having to leave each other but we are also excited to be reunited with our families again. We hope to cherish every last moment together and we hope to see you all soon!!

With love,
Divinia and Emerald

Message Home 😊
Hi everyone! I miss you all so so so much. Throughout my time here, I always get reminded of our hometown because of the environment and the weather. I hope you all are doing well and feeling well. To my mommma, I miss you lots. I miss your cooking so much but I also enjoy the food here. Every day I’m always wondering what you’re up to or how you’re doing (even though you’re probably having the time of your life LOL). I’ll see you soon and I can’t wait to give you the biggest hug ever xx.

Hola mejor Amiga!
IT’S FINALLY MY TURN!! How’s everyone at home doing? Miss you all can’t wait to see everyone when I get back! Tell Marco I got him his souvenirs 🙂 ! I’ve learned so much on this trip and I’ve learned new Spanish words 😉. We were up bright and early this morning (6:30 A.M.) to wake up the others and get to work. Love you very much and thank you for thinking about me in my absence on such an important day.
XOXO- Tu mejor amiga Divinia