Hola! It’s Julian Dulce, today I was the leader of the day for our Community Action Project (CAP) steps one and two. We started our day by being awake at 7 and getting ready to go to breakfast at 8, breakfast consisted of tropical fruits, honey, and yogurt! After breakfast we had a jam-packed day which had us on a bus heading to the community of Sabaneta where we would get to see the location of our CAP. Stepping off the bus it was hot and humid just like most days in the Dominican.

We entered the community open minded and determined to seek out what the people of Sabaneta really wanted and needed. The first sight that we saw was a run down, unsafe, old playground. After viewing the underutilized and partially incomplete Ludoteca, or the children’s “safe” play center, we realized that it would be a perfect area for us to conduct our project . Continuing on through the Sabaneta we all split up into groups and had discussions with different members of the community. DSC01865
DSC01873We were told that the main concerns of the parents were safe areas that their kids could play, and the need for a center in which children could practice reading and writing skills. The community gave us a lot of information and we used this info during our CAP seminar today.

DSC01872During the seminar we brainstormed ideas and decided on the four main projects we will do. The four projects that we decided to do were broken up into four committees; Park and Rec, Education, Maintenance, and Murals. Each committee split up into their separate ways and planned what they would do and how they would do it. Following all of our planning we went to go teach English class, during the English class it began to rain also thunder and lightning started to appear. Before the class was over the lights in the building went out and all the classes finished teaching in the dark. Instead of walking to dinner in the rain we decided to seek refuge in a classroom until the rain ceased and then we walked to dinner. Finally after dinner we had our nightly meeting, where everyone says one negative throughout the day and one positive thing that day. It was great to hear that people in the group only had positive things to say about the day! The one down fall may have been that it rained but everyone in the group says it’s the fault of my attention grabber called the “rain clap.”  All in all today was a great day and everyone’s excited to see what the next day has in store.