Hi friends and family! This is Gena and Erin, today we continued and finished our CAP project from yesterday. A couple of people went to Carlos Garbay School to finish building the ceiling while the rest of the group went to the school’s farm to complete various projects. One group worked on building a roof for a gazebo built by a past delegation while another group painted the tables in the gazebo. Meanwhile, a few brave souls went to a chicken coop (which has not been cleaned in six months) to completely take out the “organic matter” and use it for fertilizer. This showed us how these farmers used everything they could for their own benefit and made us realize that we could all use more of our own resources more effectively (not poop specifically). Other global glimpsers pulled weeds to help the farmers. At the last minute, some of the teachers suggested that we paint a mural in three empty spaces; we took the challenge and painted a basket full of fruit and vegetables, “GG 2017” decorated with everyone’s handprints, and flowers, which the teachers loved. At the end of our CAP project, we were able to finish most of what we planned and received adorable cards from the students of Carlos Garbay.

Being leader of the day taught us how to come together as a team and make sure everyone got their proper food, drank water, and put sunscreen on. We were very proud of how everyone worked so hard and as a team to complete this project that we are all so passionate about.

Today was also our last day of tutoring and was a bittersweet goodbye as many of us will miss teaching our eager-learning students. We ended our day with a thoughtful discussion about our CAP project and how we can be a good leader and use this experience back home. Now that most of the hard work is done, we are all very excited to sleep in until 8 and have a full free day tomorrow (look out for a call as we will have access to the internet cafe). This was a eye opening experience and we can’t wait to bring what we’ve learned back to America. Goodnight all! 🙂