Quote of the day: “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change… I am changing the things I cannot accept.” -Angela Davis

After waking up at 7am and eating breakfast at 8am, we walked to Familias Especiales. Three groups outlined murals, some of which even began painting. Another group worked on spray painting bottles and constructing a globe. After about three hours of working, we headed over to the hostel to eat lunch. Next we prepared for English tutoring, then continued our work at Familias Especiales. We were able to complete the majority of our Community Action Project (CAP). Tomorrow we just need to add our finishing touches. Two and a half hours later, we ate dinner at the hostel, and then tutored students at San Luis. When describing how English tutoring went today, Abigail stated that her class had a very good lesson plan. Kayla even decided to give her class a pop quiz, which was met with great excitement. The students were also excited about their upcoming talent show, scheduled for Friday. Today was a very simple day, as we only had two activities to do. Overall, everyone is in a good mood, as they are looking forward to the rest of our trip.