Hey, it’s Zay.  Hope everyone at home is doing well and not missing us too much lol.  Today my group finished all 3 courts. Yay!!! I am so proud of my group mates along with everyone else’s help making our “used-to-be idea” a reality.  It was really inspiring to see how much work every single person had put into this project for the students at Carlos Garbay School to have a better time in their educational learning space.  We had roadblocks, as every person doing a project this big does. Whether it was the hot sun, the paint being too thin, the courts being too dusty, or us discussing how much time to take a break to avoid heat stroke, we worked collectively to solve these issues to achieve our main goal.  My time as LDD is not one I’ll forget any time soon.  I was so stressed with people’s health and how many breaks we should have been taking.  This is funny to me because I will admit I was the main person who did not think breaks were needed.  So to have to be the person who reminded others to take a break so constantly felt abnormal to me. I learned today that a good leader is someone who can compromise with the group.  We decided what times were best to take a break and at the end everyone was tired, but we all felt really accomplished and proud, and I feel as though all of you should as well. Love you Mama. Zay out!!!!!

Hi, it’s Sanza! Yesterday I was crowned as LDD with Isaiah, and we had a great day with the group since then! It was such a good day to be a leader because there is so much to be thankful for. We were able to finish our work as a group at the Carlos Garbay school; one of the groups worked on redoing a dark sensory room for children to decompress in, and the other group was able to complete the repainting of three basketball courts. It was so exciting to see all the teamwork and comradery during our hours (and hours) of dedication. This delegation is so grateful for being granted this opportunity to support a local school in upgrading its facilities and empowering the students. I’m beyond proud of the work that each person put into today, however much they were able to contribute. I had to be mindful of the energy that I gave the group as a leader because as the day went on I recognized how my mood affected others. It was important to me that everyone I was looking after had a good time, and one of the ways that I could help was to have a cheerful and can-do attitude. As corny as it is, I feel that having a positive demeanor really can make a difference in the group. In addition to a thank-you to the group and GGLs for being awesome today, I’d like to make a shoutout to my family back in Massachusetts. Thank you so much for the support I feel from back home, I miss you all so much and I can’t wait to see you in just a few more days!! Love, love, love, Sanza!!