Sorry for the late post!! CAP Execution Day 2 started off with a 7:00 am wake-up call. Breakfast consisted of chocolate pancakes, regular pancakes, eggs, and fruit. (Yummy!!) We soon headed off from the Ranch to Monte Coca at around 10:00 am. CAP Group 1 started off the day by mixing and creating concrete to use as a floor. We worked as a team to transport it from the enormous pile to the inside of the house. CAP Group 2 started working with helping Junior create his new house alongside the aid of Mickey Mouse. (Yes that’s his name.) Some were doing wiring and others were mixing cement. CAP Group 2 was amazing with communicating and being able to switch off with others and take breaks. After the two work sessions, the two groups met up in the community center for an hour-and-a-half-long lunch. Lunch consisted of pork, rice, beans, fruits, vegetable salad, and eggplants. After the much-needed rest, the two groups switched houses and continued the work. CAP Group 1 went to work on Juniors’ house. Some of us helped bend steel wires, and the other group created more concrete. CAP Group 2 then went to work where CAP Group 1 at first. This day was a huge accomplishment for everyone, especially for the people we were building the house for. We finished building the floors with the cement we had to put which then completed the house. After the two and a half hours of work, we returned to the ranch for some much-needed free time. Dinner was mashed potatoes, rice, and three variations of pork which consisted of salami, sausages, and pork itself. After dinner, we had a successful nightly meeting in which the next leaders of the day were announced. Again, sorry for the late post.