Hey everyone! Luis here to fill you in on today’s blog. First off we started the day with a wonderful energizing breakfast that prepared us for the tough day that followed. We arrived at Cañada Las Palmas around 9am and got straight to work. Now before I go on, normally I’m the wild, goofy one of the group that makes everyone laugh so, today was going to be a bit of a challenge since I was going to show everyone that I can be very serious and straightforward when it’s necessary.


Luckily for me my actions set an example for many people and rather than get disrespected as leader I felt like I was able to get everyone working together as one. Seeing this and being able to get the CAP finished by 2pm was really a great feeling of accomplishment. When the last nail was nailed into the sign that read “Junta De Vecinos  Dios los bendiga” I announced to the community that their new community center was now open! The joy on their facial expressions reminded me (And I’m sure I can speak for everyone this.) of why we started this CAP and how great it was to see our hard work paid off.


Things got a bit emotional and after that inuaguration I can definitely say we received a lot of blessings and genuine love. We headed back home to Dilenia’s after we said our final heartbreaking goodbyes and took an hour of free time which was more of a break after a long day of working. At 4pm we began our English prep and at 5pm we commenced our final English tutoring lesson, everyone had a feeling of completion and sorrow at the same time since it would be our last time seeing our students, they grown and learned so much with us. I hope the next the delegation can follow in our footsteps as great teachers. After English tutoring, we had our final cena at Dilenia’s which consisted of soft tacos and crunchy tacos and some tangy sweet iced tea which was


Then for the purpose of tonight we changed things up a bit, we held our self-reflection first where we looked back to day 1 and talked about how much we’ve grown as a group and individuals. Then, how working on the CAP and helping out another community impacted us in a positive way. Concluding that we heard yesterday’s wonderful blog and went on to begin our nightly meeting. A lot of big love was shared and received which lightened up the mood before bedtime, I believe this was much needed after a strenuous day filled with blood, sweat and tears. We prepared ourselves mentally for tomorrow which is our final day here in Constanza! We can’t wait to see you all soon and with that being said it’s getting pretty late here so have goodnight everyone, Leon out.

p.s. Momma give everyone a hug and kiss for me and tell Maura to look this up & comment. 🙂 (she has Facebook)