¡Hola a todos! I am Albert Nessia and I was the leader of the day for our final day of working on our Community Action Project!

The rest of the delegation and I have been working non-stop on our EcoPark project for the past two days and even though the process has been quite physically tiring, we have made amazing amounts of progress and every hour spent working is definitely worth it, especially with this delegation where the energy is always at its peak and positivity is seen in every corner.

We started the day at the construction site by doing an energizer that was one of a kind; a spider web of appreciation. We all passed on a rope to someone in our circle and said very sweet words as to how and why we appreciate their presence in the group. By the end of the activity, the rope interconnected to everyone and it signified the bond and connection we have as a delegation, and that in the end of the day, no matter how emotionally and physically challenging our days are, we are still a big family that will be there for each other no matter what.

Indeed it was an energizer that energized. We jumped in to finish off as much as we can for our final day with everyone doing the best they can (and more!). We started to plant the flowers and trees (which by the way look fantástico along with the tires we had painted the day before. Some of the handy kids from the team also started to construct the see-saw and stage, and we got help from a couple of locals. It’s never a bother when people are as committed and passionate about a project as we have been. It was a great feeling to witness the camaraderie and cooperation (and cool music) in the site.

After lunch we worked more (and harder) and the music was just keeping everyone alive. One area we made cement and finished painting the stage, on the other we planted the rest of the plants and finished up both monkey bars and see-saws. Take my word for it when I say that we were all working ridiculously hard with such high spirits.

We ended our CAP day feeling fulfilled with what we have accomplished. We definitely left our mark that will benefit the children of Fundación Cristal for years to come.

Later today we arrived in the school where we hold our private English tutoring in. We sort of arrived late but for a good reason: we wanted to finish our CAP project so much that we were decided to stay for a little bit longer. Today was in essence the final day of tutoring so a majority of our classes were pretty relaxed. Personally in the class I co-teach with Bryanna and Waleed our little kids brought us food and candies, even a speaker so that we could play some music. We then practiced for our intermission for a talent show we are having for all our classes to show off their stuff. It was chaotic in the classroom but nonetheless fun! I cannot wait until we post about the details as soon as it happens. The rest of the night was very chill and loud at the same time (because it is for sure remotely possible in the E1C delegation), but so everyone knows, it is basically the group on the regular (we’re never not simultaneously chill and loud lol).

Being a leader for sure always has its ups and downs. Personally I am not one to yell at people in order to get their attention and make them do what I ask, but that is not necessarily a problem just as long as you keep your cool and try to take initiative in ways that may energize or lift up somebody’s mood, in little ways like checking up on how everyone is doing, giving shoutouts and making sure that they are doing well. There is always room for enhancement but I believe that I did what I could especially in such a busy and hectic day. It has been an exciting experience to be el líder del día.

It’s surreal how close we have gotten to be in this delegation. We only have two days before we return to our respected homes but we just want to enjoy our last days together in the trip and make the best out of what is left. We have learned, changed, and impacted the local community so much in just eighteen days.

Leave a comment; we super duper love hearing from our friends and family back home!

🌚 E1C OVER & OUT 🌝

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