imageWe woke up at 7:30 to eat breakfast and be on our way to Magana. Being the last leaders of the day our job was to lead the team to finish the cap project. We completed the CAP PROJECT with time to spare. After a community big love we continued to free time to get ready for school graduation. Which went great we even had a few ll . After the graduation we served cupcakes. We had extra some passed them out on a street while walking to Sheila’s. We had a party with the ambassadors which was the highlight of the day. We had vcake danced and lots of fun. We ended with words from a few ambassadors that got really emotional, tears of happiness. –Cedric

Today was a huge day, we finish our CAP PROJECT which was transforming a classroom into a library. The day before, we had a solid start. We manage to build the bookshelves, paint it, organize all the books, and finish most of our painting of the murals. Today, we just put everything together. Add the final details to the paintings, nail in the shelves, and the books fit perfectly. I was surprised from what we had accomplished in such a short amount of time, not to mention we had a ton of help from the community. At the end, everyone was so proud with the end result. All the planning and hard work that went into this CAP PROJECT was so worth it, everyone felt so rewarded. The project was a tremendous success, it was executed with a team effort.

After finishing our cap project, we headed back to the hotel to get all cleaned up for the graduation. I’m so happy I came on this trip, I was able to witness the end result of all the hard work from previous delegation and ambassadors teaching these student. It was an honor to see these students graduate and it was a deserving moment. -Benjamin

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