Today was CAP day 2! We started the day off with some delicious breakfast from Dilenia’s with a fantastic strawberry smoothie. Then we headed off to Cañada de las Palmas with transportation from the one and only Sandy. We were not only met with our basketball rim from the day before, but also with the laughs of the children running around, already putting our project to use. Those smiles were worth all of the blisters and soreness from the day before. Once we arrived, we were even more motivated and excited to continue with the Community Action Project.



After working so hard for two hours, we received lunch from Dilenia’s and shared some with the community. After a fulfilling meal, we got right back to work. We painted, we hammered and repaired benches, we mixed cement, we smoothed the floors, we even carried 95 pound bags of cement down hills and wheeled 50 pounds right back up. Of course, with hard work we were able to complete the cement floor for the Community Center, finish the basketball hoop, build the latrine, and repair the benches. Then we presented the projects to the community which was followed with Big Love, which is our way of showing gratitude towards each other and the community.


After saying a heart-breaking goodbye to a loving community, we arrived back at Dilenia’s and did a reflection of our CAP project. We talked about the challenges and the rewards of this outstanding project. Then we also freshened up for dinner and ate pasta, bread, and salad. Lastly, we ended the night off with the traditional nightly meeting.

The question of the day today was, “What were some challenges? What was successful?” Some challenges that C1C had today was being really tired and sore from the previous CAP day and a lot of the group members were low on energy. However, once we saw the engagement of the community members and the children’s energy we instantly began to work harder. Also, it was all hands on deck with the community, which was especially rewarding, because we knew with everyone working so hard, our projects would be complete. The GGLs were very helpful by keeping us on track and pushing us to work harder.

Well, we don’t want to worry you guys, but we did get some bruises and blisters from our hard work. Everyone is fine because we are a strong group of young adults and nothing can stop us. With every obstacle that came our way, we were able to push through it. We love you guys so much! See you soon!